Monday, October 16, 2017

NRG Metals files Hombre Muerto North technical report

2017-10-16 12:59 ET - News Release

Mr. Adrian Hobkirk reports
NRG Metals Files Technical Report for Hombre Muerto North Project, Argentina
NRG Metals Inc. has filed a National Instrument 43-101 technical report dated Sept. 8, 2017, entitled "Technical Report for the Hombre Muerto North Project, Salta and Catamarca Provinces, Argentina" under the company's SEDAR profile and its website. The report was prepared by of Montgomery & Associates Consultores Limitada and authorized by Michael J. Rosko, MSc, PGeo, an independent qualified person under NI 43-101.
  • brine chemistry results reveal high lithium values;
  • geophysical SCAMT sections identify two large resistive anomalies;
  • recommendation for further Eexploration to support a resource calculation;
  • eight-hole drill program to test the expected lithium zone.
The Hombre Muerto North lithium project shares the same hydrogeological basin as the existing FMC Lithium Fenix mine that has been producing lithium carbonate during the past 20 years. It is also adjacent to Galaxy Resources's Sal de Vida project, referred by Galaxy Resources as the "best lithium -- potassium undeveloped project in brines through the Argentinean puna."
In summary, the surface brine chemistry sampling results for the project reveal high values of lithium when compared with other projects in the salars of the puna region, and are consistent with previously reported results for the Sal de Vida project (Houston and Jaacks, 2010; M&A and GAI, 2012). Geophysical CSAMT sections covering the Alba Sabrina, Natalia Maria and Tramo properties define two large resistivity anomalies that may represent deep lithium-bearing brine zones. Given these factors, and the acknowledgement of long-term lithium brine production in the salar by FMC Lithium at their Fenix mine and the brine mineral resource and reserve estimates by Galaxy Resources, M&A judges the project as a property of merit and warrants additional investigations in order to advance to a phase of exploration drilling, testing, and sampling and a level for preliminary economic assessment.

NRG plans to conduct an exploration program to support a mineral resource estimate for lithium on the project, and rapidly move to a development and production phase. An exploration drill program has been planned by the technical team, and will likely include up to eight diamond core holes. Following coring operations, large-diameter (10-inch to 16-inch borehole diameter) rotary-drilled production wells will be installed at the same locations as the diamond drill holes for conducting pumping tests and estimating brine extraction rates for well field development. Anticipated depths for the core holes will range from about 30 metres to 400 metres, with 400 metres as a maximum. The depth of the production wells will be determined based upon the results obtained from the diamond drilling. In addition , a vertical electrical sounding survey may be conducted at the Alba Sabrina property prior to drilling in order to confirm if the hole will be drilled.

Qualified person
Michael J. Rosko, MSc, PGeo, of Montgomery & Associates Consultores Limitada, an independent qualified person as defined by NI 43-101 guidelines, has participated in the preparation of this press release, and has reviewed and approved the technical content.

About NRG Metals Inc.
NRG Metals is an exploration stage company focused on the advancement of lithium brine projects in Argentina. In addition to the Hombre Muerto North project, the company is evaluating the Salar Escondido lithium project. The Salar Escondido comprises approximately 29,000 hectares. An exploration drill program is currently under way at this location. NRG Metals trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under symbol NGZ, on the OTC QB Market under symbol NRGMF, and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under symbol OGPN.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Mag One's MgO, SiO2 project needs no environmental OK

2017-10-12 19:09 ET - News Release

Ms. Gillian Holcroft reports
Mag One Products Inc. has received positive feedback on its commercial high-purity magnesium oxide (MgO) and silica (SiO2) project description submitted this past summer to the Quebec Ministry of the Environment (MDDELCC). Specifically, Mag One has learned that the proposed project in southeastern Quebec will not be subject to an environmental evaluation, a process which is often lengthy and costly. As such, the process to obtain a certificate of authorization (CA) for the environmentally friendly commercial 30,000-tonne-per-year high-purity magnesia and 33,000-tonne-per-year silica plant will be simpler, faster and more cost-effective, given that less administrative measures are involved.

"The timeline to bringing the environmentally sustainable MgO and SiO2 commercial plant on-line has been shortened greatly with this news," said Gillian Holcroft, president of Mag One. "We are one step closer to creating high-tech jobs in the region. Our hydrometallurgical piloting facility at the MRC des Sources Mining Innovation Centre (CIMMS) will continue to generate engineering data for the commercial plant, as well as to produce high-purity silica and ultimately high-purity MgO for characterization and for off-take agreements. We are already in contact with potential commercial and product development partners for these materials."

It is anticipated that the site for the commercial plant will be determined before the end of 2017. Mag One has developed a unique, sustainable, chlorine-free approach to cost-effectively transforming serpentinite tailings into high-purity MgO and silica. Not only does the high-purity MgO have a significant commercial market, it will also serve as a feedstock for Mag One's innovative aluminothermic reduction process to produce magnesium metal.

Management's decision to begin permitting efforts, a key requirement for commercial operations, has not been based on results from a feasibility study of mineral reserves that would demonstrate economic and technical viability of the project. Without this study, there is increased uncertainty and increased economic and technical risks. Management does intend to engage an engineering firm to carry out a prefeasibility study once the pilot plant effort is nearing completion and will use the pilot data as a basis for the study.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) estimated that world primary magnesium production rose nearly 4 per cent from 2015 to 2016 to 1.01 million metric tonnes per year. Vehicle manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce weight in vehicles for greater fuel efficiencies and lower emissions. The density of magnesium is 33 per cent less than aluminum, but the carbon footprint of Chinese-produced magnesium metal (80 per cent of the world production) through the Pidgeon process* makes the use of magnesium challenging when looking at the overall life-cycle analysis of a vehicle. Mag One's unique process is aimed at dramatically reducing the magnesium metal production carbon footprint, which should help support the adoption of magnesium and magnesium alloys in the automotive, aerospace and military industries.
* March, 2017, IMA webinar "Environmental benefits of Mg in transport applications."
Mag One Products is a company that aims to be a global leader in the magnesium (Mg) market by concentrating on four projects at its manufacturing plant sites in Southern Quebec, Canada:

  1. Production of high-purity MgO, silica and other saleable co-products, byproducts and compounds;
  2. Production of 99.9-per-cent-pure-magnesium ingots;
  3. Magboard Products Inc., assembly and sale of MgO-based, structural insulated sheathing panels and wallboards;
  4. MagPower's Mg-air fuel cell for scalable emergency power on sea and land.
Key advantages that these four projects share are Mag One's advanced technologies, a modular processing plant expansion concept and the company's easy access to tonnes of already-mined, serpentinite tailings.
Gillian Holcroft, Eng, MEng, president and director of Mag One Products, is the company's designated qualified person for this press release, and has prepared and supervised the preparation of and approved the scientific and technical disclosure in this news release.

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